Sep 11, 2019


Chuck Gill got invited with his chopped Pickup to Fort Smith, Arkansas.   This show is called Rags to Riches and is a Starbird Show.   Take a Look.

Those are not girls that like Chuck, they are his granddaughters. That means Chucky is old. 

Chuck coming into Arkansas, and at the show hopefully he has a VISA!

How about this fancy diesel Rat Rod and Trailer.  Make you want to go camping??????

Chad Custom, said this started as a 40 Chevrolet.  I do not see it?  One hell of  a lot of work.

The above is a 57 Ford customized by old time customizer, Windy Winfield.

This lovely young lady played with fire and sparks in an appropriate outfit.  Maybe invite her to Scott City?

Yup, the Pickup won a trophy.  Best Radical Truck.  Also, got a saw blade called the Tattoo Remover. 

On to Hooker, Oklahoma,  as soon as I can.


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