Jun 22, 2015

Well, you will see no pictures since I forgot both cameras, and my flip phone is not the correct tool.  If you got pictures from Stockton or Hoxie that should be here send a COMMENT and I will contact you. 

          I made it to Stockton on Friday, June 19, 2015.   They have a cruise which is more like a damn good race on Highway 24, including burnouts.  They had great participation and many local onlookers.  The Show on Saturday was hot,  surprise, surprise, surprise.   I think there were around 100 vehicles.  They are generous with plaques, and even my Mercury scored for the first time ever.  Overall, a good show, nice park, good people and cars I do not normally see.  You should put it on your calendar.  

         I left Stockton on Saturday and went through Hoxie on the way home.  The show was over by the time I got there but I understand they had around 150 cars.  They were organizing to go to the airport and do some drag racing.

                 I did learn that Dan Lewis  is taking my girlfriend  Gail Lewis to Ireland in late July - early August.   Don't get excited,  they won't keep Dan, he will be back.   They probably won't make it to Scott City this year so I did not tell him that the Cowboy Cabins in Scott City are gone so there would be no place for him to stay.  If you need something in Ireland, just write to Dan Lewis in Dresden, Kansas and place your order.  No need to prepay. 


Jun 15, 2015

We had a full house at Oakley.   Does not happen often.   This caused the naming of a new Honorary Horses Ass.  Take a look at old, dusty, crappy Larry Morris of Oakley, Kansas just before his great honor was announced.

He did not look any happier after it was announced that we considered him a HORSES ASS.  How about a few cars,  thay had around 100 of them???

How about a few people.  The McClanahan's should be more careful who the sit by!

An there be one of my girlfriends,  Bonnie Morgan, Eads, Colorado.  If you look closely at the purple K State Chevy in the background you will see on the back package tray a Jayhawk that was taken hostage.

Here is a late picture, certainly not late bloomers.   But take a look at Brother and the Gills even before the drinkin started in Oakely, Kansas.

They all know HOW they just wanna know WHEN.       


Grainfield 2015

May 26, 2015

I had to go to Grainfield all by myself.  Saw some rain and a few cars the rain did not scare off.

Now some mystery??

Figure it our yet??

Correct Tag?   HMMMMMM?  Guessed what is coming yet?  Keep looking.


Yes that is for real.



Apr 27, 2015

Leoti 2015

Apr 20, 2015

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The Horses Asses have been around for years now. We are finally making our way onto the web. Please join us in the posts about our cars, beer drinking, and just being HA's. We are always around at some car show or another looking for someone to bother. If you are lucky enough to join the group you may even get your very own honorary HA trophy at a show that we attend.



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