None of the 3 Horses Asses going to a show on Labor Day Weekend.   Can't make up our minds for the next weekend.  The list is long,  here are some of the good ones flyers starting with Eads, Colorado,  next, Hooker, Oklahoma then Wichita, Ks. Starliner.  Take a look:

Call 719-688-8655, A.J. McCracken, for informantion about Eads, Co. Ithink there be several of the Scott City bunch there.  Also, some Horses Asses. for information on Hooker, Ok. I suspect one or more Horses Asses will be there.

Call 918-534-2190 for information on Stray Kat Starliner

These should all be good choices, hopefully, I will have pictures from one or more.

OOPs,  I forgot about  North Platte, Nebraska.  I do not have a flyer but I bet you can find information on this here internet.  

The weekend of September 5 & 6, will be good for hot rods.




Aug 18, 2014

The 2014 Lake Scott Car Show and Rod Run was a good one.  140 cars, good but hot weather, and a new Horses Ass was crowned, take a look:

Just in case you did not know that is Rick Pelton and Beth, his wife and my girlfriend.  Oh, and of course My much older brother.   Just where are Beth's hands?!?!?!  Rick gave me Horse Shit at Cheyenne Wells, now we may be even.


Present at this run were Rick & Bonnie Morgan, Billy Hill, Johnny Maupin, Jack and El Arnold, Rodger Blume, Rick & Bonnie Knoll, Roger Kaiser, Scott Schultz, Jerald NIchlos, Shirley Underwood, John Krob, Dr.  Charles Purma and of course, Steve, Chuck and Jake.  What do all of those people have in common,  no they are not morticians they are all HORSES ASSES.



Two sweet cars, Johnny Maupins 1956 Caddy & Jerry Krob's 38 Chevy.

John Lindner showing off his eyeware, the 1st place Rat Rod in the park.

You tell me who was the fairest in the park?

Chuck had some work done to his Caddy at the show. This was done by KUSTOM PAINT "Skulls Flames Pinstipring", in Garden City, Kansas,   915-373-8948.  Give him a try.

All had a good time.




Aug 10, 2014

A couple of Horses Asses made it to the 2014 Moonman Show in Springfield, Colorado.  They had the best of weather and some damn nice cars.  Take a look:

Yes that is Chuck's Caddy parked near the outhouse???????

Many of these guys told me they would be in Scott City, Kansas on August 16 and 17, 2014.  You better come to Scott City and see them.




Aug 05, 2014

Salina KKOA 2014

Jul 29, 2014

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