Dighton, Kansas 2018

Jun 17, 2018

Lake Scott Car Club left Scott City for the short drive to Dighton, Kansas on June 16, 2018 and arrived with 10 cars.  It was a windy day in Kansas and there was a competing show that kept the total number down to 32 or 33 cars for their 19th annual show.   One thing I noted was there were no bad cars.  YOU CAN MAKE THAT DECISION.

Looky here Tom Reed brought his 1967 Dodge Charger.  He is getting it closer to the finish line but not there yet.          As Johnny Cash said there was a "Burning Ring of Horse Shit".  Is that right?"

There was Phil Gibbs Glow in the Dark Dodge Dart.   He tells me he now has a 1952 Plymouhr but I ain't never seen it.

      A 52 Plymouth would look a little like Eikenberry's Chevy but not as good.

I was distracted by or attracted to these two fine your fillies leaning on Vonleonrod's 70 Camero.  Hell if the car weren't yellow I might not have noticed it.

    All and all a good day with a tour of the Lane County Famous Vonleonrod Collection, cold beer, nice cars, and many good people. Do not know where I am going next.


Jun 14, 2018

On June 2, 2018, I decided to give Ellis, Kansas a shot.   It was worth the drive. We were about 2 blocks from the Walter P. Chrysler Boyhood Home & Museum.  The show attracted approximately 50 cars including 6 from Lake Scott Car Club.  It was sad that I be the only HORSES ASS. ☺♫►♣   Take a look!

Above, something not seen at the usual show.   A good looking Suburban.

I told you there were 6 cars from Scott City.  Also, you should know that Scott City got 5 trophies.  Just guess who missed out.  Poor me.  

Next, you will see a taste of BIG CREEK RESTORATIONS work  which is owned and operated by Mike Keller, there in little ol' Ellis,  Kansas.  If you watching this post being put together I am taking a break so you will have to wait but In the meantime take a look at BIG CREEK'S website.  bigcreekrestoration.com

Those are a couple of fun ones.

Lets get serious with a Firebird Big Creek built in the recent past.  Excellent, the car not my pix. 

Present in Ellis was a Big Creek built car that is in my flavor area, take a look:

Go to bighcreekrestoration.com to see pix of:  John Fairleigh's 1971 GTX 2015 Goodguys Mighty Muscle & Muscled Car of the Year Finalist; several Street Rodder Top 100 Winners, and my favorite a 1940 Chevy Coupe America's Mosrt Beutiful Street Rod in 2012. 

Now, those pix shows there was something for everyone.   In the pile is Gary Reppart's fresh Firebird, Gary and Mary Jo's Plymouth Coupe that I have not seen for ages and Pete Jensen's Orange and White Pickup.  One more before I go away.

Should be some Horses Asses at Dighton, Kansas on June 15, 16, 2018.  Come see us.


May 31, 2018

If you did not make it to Lamar, Colorado on May 18 and 19, 2018, you missed a good time.  I got there Friday and spent a little time in the rain and small hail but all turned out good.  It was cool Saturday morning but great in the afternoon.  They had a great turn out of people from town just going through to see what could be seen.  They had a bunch of good cars and a variety.  Just take a look below:

Oh my god, Steven Brooks drove his little red Rambler.  This thing is an orphan even at home.  It was weak at first but was a champion at the end to the ride.  I followed it a 70 to 75 mph.   Did you  hear that Colorado Highway Patrol?????

I had a 1967 Ford XL500 4-speed 390 in the 70's like this.  This one is much more than a 390 but same color and model.  Some dummy named Jake ran it into a tree.

For your enjoyment, a whole tent full of Horsesass Trophy Winners from the past.  Some lovely, some not so lovely, I will let you decide.

They got the ladder truck out and hoisted old glory.

Something probably more my size. 


Another good old Caddy!

Ron Cook brought some gooooood NASH stuff to his own show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 Did you know his wife (AMY) is another of my girl friends?    SHHHHHHHH!   I promised I would never tell.  

I think I am heading for Ellis, Kansas.  Tune in later. 

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