2017 Tribune Drive In

Feb 25, 2017

On February 25, 2017 we drove to Tribune, Kansas and ate some mexican food.  We had 21 people and a good conversation.  Take a look:

Yup, a few of the people got out their cars. Take a look:

Oooops, I almost for got attending was Rat Rod Randy, AKA the very porpular Randy Raile of Goodland, Kansas

If any of you ladies want a necklace like that (CHAIN WITH HA TROPHY) or want to know more about and where to locate Randy just post your comment below.  I do not expect to be overwhelmed.  Randy's motto you do not "lay" carpet, you install it!

The next for me and bother Horses Ass, Steve Brooks, was Ponca City.   We started right out wandering around down town and missing fello Horses Ass, Chuck Gill.  We found a reminder of good old Chuck.

Ok, Ok, Ok, nobody wants to see a funeral home but it could have been Chuck owned it and was not in there.

We go to Ponca City, Ok. to see Brian Brooks, fellow Horses Ass and to do a little Draggin of the Fabulous Grand.  That be Ponca City Main Street.

The Horses Asses got set up right in the middle of all the action and commenced to entertain all. Or at least we thought we were entertaining.

Brother, found him a new sole mate.  She is not trying to reach brother, he is already in the back seat and she ain't likin it!!!!!


Typical Limo in Oklahoma.  Nope, Jessica, this guy will not satisfiy the requirements of my application to date my daughter. TOO BAD?

I gottts a few more coming, Trophys and some class!

These guys are known for their trophies and now you can see why!  The Mercury was denied a trophy again.  But keep watchin and you see will it landed face up in class.

That there is the MARLAN MANSION, and I placed the Mercury out front to spruce it up.  The Mansion not the Mercury.


Drove around town and found this old elevator and then took the above road home.  Not true but sure looked like a good road.  Other Horses Asses would be gamblin.


Grainfield, Kansas has a show of up to abot 30 to 40 cars.  It started off good then the weather went away.

Most people and cars scattered towards home, but a few of us found this gargage and a hospitable set of owners for a few hours.

2016 Lamar Days

May 22, 2016

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The Horses Asses have been around for years now. We are finally making our way onto the web. Please join us in the posts about our cars, beer drinking, and just being HA's. We are always around at some car show or another looking for someone to bother. If you are lucky enough to join the group you may even get your very own honorary HA trophy at a show that we attend.



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