Mark and Shelia Vonleonrod have nothing to do so they have been searching the world over for fantastic Horses Ass personal adornments (that means adds attractiveness to).   Take a look at the genuine Horses Ass lapel pin and tie tack.

I know these will not work for you guys who wear only t-shirts.  No ties nor lapels.  

You should of been on the road on December 2, 2017 to Sharon Springs, Kansas.  Weather was great and food was too!!

Let us go inside Amie and Jay Sharp's garage.  You can see it in the background of the pix of Blume's Camaro and Amie Sharp's pickup. I want a garage like it.


We had a Cajun boil cooked by a team of chefs.  Sausage, Shrimp, potatoes, corn and ect.

Many people wanted to share in the joy of wearing HORSES ASSES GLASSES.  MAY HAVE TO GET MORE??

Everybody in the world knew Bonnie, Jack, Rick, Randy (the guy applying saltpeter to Jack Arnold's apron appendage), Rick Morgan and Blume were Horses Asses. (((Watch out Randy Rat Rod, the truth is the saltpeter has been an additive to explosives not really powerful in supressing a man's sexual urges.))) 


I was a little disapointed when I discovered Sandy Spainhower, and surprised when I learned that the Spainhower Cadillac wanted to be Horses Asses.

On to the next event, which is as of yet undecided.   


Oct 31, 2017


2017 Haysville

Oct 28, 2017

About the HA's

The Horses Asses have been around for years now. We are finally making our way onto the web. Please join us in the posts about our cars, beer drinking, and just being HA's. We are always around at some car show or another looking for someone to bother. If you are lucky enough to join the group you may even get your very own honorary HA trophy at a show that we attend.



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