Lake Scott Car Club of Scott City, Kansas had their 36th Annual show on August 14 - 15 - 16, 2015.  There 140 plus cars.  There were street rods, customs, originals and rat rods.

The shirt made for the show was so popular we are trying to order more so here is a picture of the front and famous back.  B-Scott, of El Dorado, Kansas, does his thing right once again:

From Dighton we saw two of Mark and Sheila von Leonrod's cars.

There were visitors from the National Hudson Show on the their way back from Colorado Springs.

The gold and copper Hudson belongs to old Horses Asses friends and Terraplane drivers, Mick and Dody Franklin of Salina, Ks.

Horses Asses present included,  Rick and Bonnie Morgan, Jack Arnold and Rick Pelton, I got pictures of their cars, look below:

OOPS, Rick Pleton's car broke down and did not arrive, use your imagination. To our regret Rick's wife brought him.  To his credit, Rick brought me a PANIC SCREAM BUTTON, which I entertained (NOT) the crowd with during the awards.

Original Horses Ass, Chuck Gill, got his Vicky out of mothballs, I cannot tell if he got a trophy or is leading a revival!

Mixed in with all of the activities and fun was a salute to our old friend and Horses Ass, Bucky McCombs.  You will remember his 1955 Ford and here is a picture of his family.

Once again there was a cruise to Lake Scott State Park with 50 plus cars going to the lake, beach house and ect.  Car Show number 2 for the day.

That Yellow 49 Merc owned by Rick & Gina Haeffner, built by Trent Blythe, Colby, many years ago, cruising to Lake Scott State Park is one of my favorites.  Anybody reminded of  AMERICAN GRAFFITI?

The awards presentation was highlighted by Ed Milligan's grandson claiming the participant's choice award at the end.   I hear Ed took it back!!!!!☺☻♥♦♣♠

THE LAKE SCOTT CAR SHOW AND BIG BUCK POKER RUN WILL RETURN AUGUST 20 - 21, 2016 AND YOU MUST BE THERE!  Maybe the movie will be better? Send suggestions.

Scott City

Jul 31, 2015

Yup the Scott City, Kansas show is only 2 weeks off.  You can watch the ad above.  I will see you there on August 15 and 16, 2015.


Jul 30, 2015

Let me surprise you just a little.   SALINA WAS HOTTER THAN THE HUBS OF HELL ONCE AGAIN.  I heard as high as 110 degrees.   We missed the Santa Fe Cruise on Thursday but as alway we made it to "Drag What You Brung".  I took a few pictures.

I do like that Falcon Wagon and it does go fast.

As you can see Newkirk was there again and going fast.

Now that made a scene!

Now there goes Bruce Flipse, that oldest racer I know.  I hope he does not dirve the 57 Lincoln that he has willed me like this!!!!!   Call him and tell him to bring my Lincoln to Scott City August 15 & 16, 2015.

Also, racing was Norm Wiechman, in his Dodge Rat Rod.  He went fast and wore a shirt like mine.  You will see him in Scott City, at the lake Scott Car Show,  August 15 and 16, 2015.


We arrive at Calvin's Body Show on Santa Fe Street, Salina, Kansas.  You should visit and have them build something because it is top notch.   We were hoping for a breeze but were just 3 sheets to the wind.

You should to Calvin's Body Shop,  it has become a show within a show and they have a live band, feed and beer you.  Even if you do not go to KKOA, too hot, too much, whatever, go see Calvin. 


We go to the Show on Saturday morning.   I did not take a lot of pictures, too damn hot, but I got what I wanted, cause the cars (over 2000) just too damn many.   Take a look.

Nashty with Tony on one side of the street if you looked on the other side of the street you see 1MPG.

Chuck, Mr. Gill, brought his children.

Just one of the many rows of 50's Mercurys, forward and backward.

Something for my niece the musician, Brother's alleged daughter,  Erica. 

Hudsons belong at the KKOA,  Take a look at this one Doc Hudson,  can you tell what it is???

There goes Rip Van Winkle styling his mustache.   I do not look like Gabby Hayes!!!

Those Gill Brothers made me move my car so they could take a picture of their cars together but they did not make me move far enough.  It is my camera!!!! 

Grainfield 2015

May 26, 2015

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