Take a look at the Caddy visiting Abraham Lincoln, Jesse James and James Dean.

They got lost in some sunflowers before they arrived at Fairmont, Indiana.

Don't tell anyone but think Chuck is becoming a liberal, he is staying the night in Lawrence. Kansas.   Its a secret.

Seems like the trip was not all educational.  You may think they were checking out the Cadillac but I supect the other chassis was on their mind?

LaCrosse, Ks. 2014

Sep 28, 2014

I am putting stuff up fast because I have a lot in line.  Just finished The Alva Post so you better look at it just before this.  Chuck is in Indiana at the James Dean Show and promises some pictures so keep looking.

Right now LaCrosse.  Good weather and about 90 cars.

First pix you see Doc Hudson's Merc.  Next, an effect I have not seen for a while done well. Right below that, you get to see the butt end of Mark Von Leonrod's 1958 Chevy "Participant's Choice" and Kenny Snow's 1959 Ford "Best of Show".  Then we have Buck playing with my newest find at the junk store.  Finally, how many guys does it take to put a bra ON!!??!!

I found a Horses Ass from Hays, Doug Marrs, been one a long time.

A 1940 Coupe Chevy well on its way to being very cool!

Hey Elvis showed up. Not bad, really.

Summer is not over.  I hope to have some pictures from Fairmont, Indiana, James Dean Show. Meet us in Hutchinson Oct. 3 & 4, 2014. Then in Larned October 5, 2014.

Went to Alva last weekend.  Good old Oklahoma fun.  Burnouts, turkey legs, auto cross, queens were crowned, free hamburgers, no entry fee, 200 - 300 cars, and cruise around town square. Elvis was there but did not sound the same.  Not done yet!  They had fireworks then I look up and see a A/A alcohol Funny Car and they turn it loose for 2 blocks, right after that was a A/A Altered and then the RC Williams double engine rail.  All three go down Barnes Avenue with a 1000 people lining the street.

Decided to go to our favorite, the DOWNTOWN BAR and check out the new signage about peeing outside.

Ho about some burnouts??

Then came the big boys the Drag Racers!

On Sunday they had street drags but we moved on, about 40 miles away is Alabaster Caverns.  First, we found couple of bats..

Lets take a look at the cave?  Alabaster Caverns

This is worth seeing.  Actually, it was cheap for me cause Brother paid, somehow the Horses Asses educational fund is depleted.   Next stop Freedom, Ok, good name for a town.  It has many western store fronts.

Time to get out of Oklahoma!



Aug 18, 2014

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