Salina KKOA 2013

Jul 29, 2014

Yes, as I warned the Horses Asses were in Salaina for the crazy KKOA show 2014.  Some of the sites::

We made it to the drags.  I think that may be Norm Wiechman in the Rat Rod, famous first Rad Rod trophy winner at Lake Scott Car Show.

On to the Show

Just another damned old 38 STUDEBAKER

I thought this be cool. Now to the Horses Asses.

Chuck only got one Betty,  but it be a good one.

Just one of the signs I liked!

And surprise, surprise, surpirse it was damned hot.

Hey Chuck did get to be with Marilyn Monroe,  somebody send the pix to post!!!!



Cheyenne Wells, Colorado had their 10th annual Car Show on July 19, 2014. They treate you real good in Cheyenne Wells.  Not the biggest show you will ever go to but there were some damn nice cars.   Take a look. 

Check out that HARDWARE HANK sign in downtown Cheyenne Wells, Colorado



I acutally counted 7 Horses Asses present but not all in a row.  Roger Blume was there showing his best side?

On the way out of town Chuck thought he had found free beer and ect., so I followed.  Don't let the sign fool you like it sucked us in!!!!!

On to Salina KKOA next weekend.

They Had a good run.  Not near as hot as last year and around 100 cars.


You see it 5 Horses Asses in a row.  Even the Front Row.

Some said this was a full house.

One Smart Ass from Nebraska said it was a NIGHTMARE for the Street Cleaner.

Actually, most people do not care, but we do.

Present and showing were Chuck Gill, Scott Schultz, Mark Griffith, Roger Blume and Jake Brooks.

We left with Four Trophies, Not bad.


Lamar 2014

May 24, 2014

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The Horses Asses have been around for years now. We are finally making our way onto the web. Please join us in the posts about our cars, beer drinking, and just being HA's. We are always around at some car show or another looking for someone to bother. If you are lucky enough to join the group you may even get your very own honorary HA trophy at a show that we attend.



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