Grainfield is a small town with people who do not mind putting in the time for a car show and town party.  We saw face painting, ballon animals, BBQ, good weather, volley ball, people in plastic balls running into each other and 40 plus cars with tractors and all.  Take a look:

How about a Pierce Arrow.  That is somthin you ain't never seen at a Western Kansas Car show!

What you think about a 1964 Plymouth (Vonleonrod) and a couple of travleing buds.  Mark bought beers in Oakley to help us get home.

Doc Purma Mercury.

A 1914 and a 1924.  Which is which?

Two great Coupes one had a special dash from 56. Guess which one.

They got Don Scott's Truck from the old "TRICK MY TRUCK DAYS"

One damn nice Mercury. May not sound like much but this show is always the Sunday before Memorial Day and a good time.  Give it a try next year.  Maybe double the show?

May 12 and 13, 2017.  All had a good time in Liberal, Kansas.   Friday night at Billy's there was good food and clold beer,  There was the band Lindaberry and many, many, many cars in the parking lot.

Now tell me the number of times you see a 1962 2 door Rambler Wagon?

Now we go to the Park on Saturday for the actual show.


Now take look at a rare car.  This be a 1942 Chevrolet Coupe.  Some more cars I liked in the park.

Above you will see Texans all in a row.

There was variety including this Ford Retractable.

This picture shows what you saw when coming into the park.   There were over 400 registered cars.  Billy Hill says same time same place next year, come join in the fun.

My calander says Pratt, Ks and Woodward, Ok this coming weekend, 5/27/17.   Let me know if there are others by commenting.  On the right below.   

It was a good day but too windy for the scheduled hot air balloons.     They got several big kites up.   Had 30 plus cars.  We brought 10 from Scott City.  Here are a few pictures.

Something drew a few of us to the Iron Horse in Leoti and the bar in Mareinthal that I will be damed if I can remember the name of right now.  Somebody call and tell me. No thanks from you out there the name of the watering hole in Mareinthal is "THE  BLUEBIRD". 

HORSES ASSES present: Chuck Gill, Rick Pelton, Jack Arnold, Randy Cook, Rat Rod Randy (with his green hand) &  Jake,  That is abount 20% of the crowd,  low life crowd?   If you think of more call me!


2016 Lamar Days

May 22, 2016

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