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Here you will find an incomplete list of persons who have been awarded an HA TROPHY, like the one above.   These are in no certain order.   Some of these people were surprised,  some happy,  some confused,  some leary,  some proud  and one upset.


1. Roger Blume, Goodland, Kansas  (Undertaker)

2. Roger Preece, Aurora, Colorado (Pee Man), awarded in Holyoke, Colorado, we think about 2006 or 2007

3. Betsy Preece, Aurora, Colorado  (Mrs Pee Man), awarded in St. Francis, Kansas 2009.

4. Duane Nichols, Holcomb, Kansas  (Teen Angel)

5. Doug Christy, Springfield, Colorado  (Moonman)

6. Otis  Thomas, Liberal, Kansas  (Tin Man, Tired of being the butt of your jokes)

7. Rhonda Thomas, Dodge City, Kansas (put up with Tin Man)

8. Gary Reppart.  Ulysses, Kansas

9. Brian Brooks , Ft. Worth, Texas  (poor fellow thinks Steve Brooks is his father)

10. Bucky McCombs, Scott City, Kansas  (very upset and returned trophy), awarded at Scott City 2009

11. Dave Posson,  Norton, Kansas

12. Mark Griffin, Norton, Kansas  (The Repossessing Banker)

13. Scott Schultz, St. Francis, Kansas

14. Doug Marrs, Hays, Kansas (Carpenter to the Stars)

15. Rick and Bonnie Morgan,  Eads, Colorado  (We got that one Right?)

16. Jerald Nichols, Manter, Kansas, awarded at Hugoton, 2009

17. Scott King,  Goodland, Kansas

18. Pat "Grumpy," Gaimara, Aurora, Colorado, awarded at St. Francis, 2010

19. Bill Hill, Liberal, Kansas, awarded at Liberal, 2010

20. Roger Kaiser,  awaded at Dodge City, 2010.

21. Bonnie Knoll, Holcomb, Kansas,  awarded at Hugoton, 2010.

22. Kent Ketcher, he be mouth piece at St. Francis show, 2011.

23. Bob Sproul, Norton, Kansas, awarded at Norton, 2011

24. Jessica McGraw used to be Brooks, Jacksonville, Fl., awarded at Scott City, August,  2011

  1. Rick Knoll, Holcomb, Kansas, Holcomb, Kansas, awarded at Hooker, Oklahoma, September, 2011
  2. Sherry then Greg Morris,  Hugoton, Kansas, awarded at Liberal, Kansas May, 2012
  3. Jack Arnold,  Tribune,  Kansas, awarded at Scott City, Kansas, August, 2012
  4. Shirley Underwood, Amarillo, Texas, awarded at Liberal, Kansas, May. 2013
  5. Johnny Maupin, Dodge City, Kansas,  awarded at Offerle, Kansas,  August, 2013
  6. John Krob, Alva, Oklahoma, awarded at Alva, Oklahoma, September 22, 2013.
  7. Lenny and Reta LaVato, awarded at Liberal, Kansas May 10, 2014.
  8. Dr. Charles Purma alias DOC HUDSON,  Scott City, Kansas, awarded at Oakley, Kansas, June 14, 2014.
  9. Rick Pelton, Cheyenne Wells, Co., awarded at Scott City, Kansas, August 17, 2014.
  10. Larry Morris, Oakley, Kansas, awarded at Oakley, Kansas, June 15, 2015
  11. Randy "Rat Rod" Railey,  Goodland, Kansas, awarded at St. Franacis, Kansas, May 14, 2016
  12. Ron Cook, Larmar, Colorado,  awarded at Scott City, Kansas, August 21, 2016
  13. Wayne DeCamp, Hugoton, Kansas,  awarded at Hugoton, Kansas, August 27, 2016 (OLDEST HORSES ASS EVER 96 YEARS YOUNG!)
  14. Travis Thrasher, Oakley, Kansas, awarded at Oakley, Kansas, June 10, 2017 (that is what you get for helping an HA in distress)
  15. Mark vonLeonrod, Dighton, Kansas, awarded at Scott City, Kansas August 19, 2017
  16. NIck Swindt, Liberal, Kansas, awarded at Liberal, Kansas, May 12, 2018  (not sure what this means??????)
  17. Jay and Amy Sharp, Sharon Springs, Kansas, awarded at Larmar, Colorado, May 19, 2018.
  18. Don Gilbert, Dodge CIty, Kansas, awarded at Fort Dodge, Kansas June 30, 2018.
  19. Tom Frydendahl, Liberal, Kansas, awarded at Scott City, Kansas, August, 2018.
  20. Erica Brooks, Denver, Co. awarded at Goodland Kansas, September, 2018  (obviously long overdue)
  21. Mike Edwards, Garden City, Kansas, awarded at Garden City Jungle Run, July, 2019
  22. Roy Fields, Burrton, Kansas, awarded at Scott City, Kansas Car Show and Big Buck Poker Run, August 2019
  23. Rich and Beth Fiegenschuh, Sidney, Nebraska, awarded at Norton, Kansas, July 11, 2020.
  24. Jay Lewis, Hoxie, Kansas, awarded at Scott City, Kansas, August 15, 2020
  25. Norman Parker, Dighton, Kansas, awarded Garden City, Kansas, September 19, 2020
  26. Ross and Anna Rodenbeck, Colby, Kansas, Awarded Liberal, Kansas. May 15, 2021 (remember chopped and sectioned 50 Merc?)
  27. Jerry Caldwell,  Ulysses, Kansas,  Awarded Ulysses, Kansas June 5, 2021

 Still thinking of more, can not  remember names. Help out with a comment.

This is the trophy that started the above trophy crap.   This was thought up and presented by Chuck and Dee Gill in 1996 at the Garden City, Kansas  Jungle Run.   He even stole the can from our room at the motel.



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